Western Metropolitan

The Victorian Budget 2019/20 invests in Western Metropolitan.

Road and rail

From upgrading the roundabout at the end of your local street to building our state’s biggest transport projects, this Budget will get you where you need to go.

Over the last four years, we’ve been rebuilding our suburban road and rail.

We've removed 29 level crossings. Completed the Mernda Rail extension. Overhauled the Cranbourne-Pakenham Line.

And upgraded the Monash and  Tullamarine freeways, alongside fixing hundreds of kilometres of suburban streets.

But as our population continues to grow, we know this pace must become our new normal.

It’s why, with this year’s Budget, we’re undertaking a massive Suburban Transport Blitz.

This investment will radically reshape our suburbs, fundamentally changing the way people get around. This includes:

  • $15.8 billion to fully fund and make North East Link a reality 
  • $6.6 billion to remove another 25 of our most dangerous and congested level crossings, with 75 crossings gone for good by 2025 
  • $3.4 billion to transform the suburban train network, delivering a massive upgrade to the Sunbury Line, Stage Two of the Hurstbridge Line and duplicating the Cranbourne Line
  • $608 million to upgrade the local suburban roads that drivers use every day
  • $195 million for extra services on some of our busiest train lines, including increases to some of our busiest metropolitan train lines
  • $163 million for new and upgraded trams
  • $50.1 million to improve our state’s bus network, making getting around our suburbs easier
  • $45.4 million for new and upgraded bike and pedestrian paths

With a huge work program, this investment will transform the way we get around our suburbs. This will get you where you need to go.

Transforming the Suburban Train Network

Continuing our massive overhaul of our rail network, this year’s Budget will upgrade some of our busiest suburban lines.

That includes transforming services to Sunbury, upgrading every station along the Line and enabling the rollout of new High Capacity Metro Trains.

This will help cut travel times and provide for an extra 113,000 passengers on the Sunbury Line during peak periods.

We’re also getting on with duplicating the Cranbourne Line. This $750 million project will double the number of trains in peak times and deliver trains every 10 minutes along the entire Cranbourne Line.

A further $547 million will deliver the next stage of the Hurstbridge Line Upgrade, duplicating 4.5 kilometres of track and the construction of bigger, better stations at Greensborough and Montmorency. 

Building North East Link – our missing link

It’s a project that has been talked about for more than half a century.

This year’s Budget invests $15.8 billion to fully fund North East Link – Melbourne’s missing link – finally making it a reality.

Connecting the M80 Ring Road at Greensborough to the Eastern Freeway at Bulleen Road, North East Link will cut travel times by up to 35 minutes and remove significant volumes of trucks per day from local and arterial roads.

Just as importantly, this project will give local roads back to local people – taking 19,000 vehicles per day off Greensborough Road, 16,600 off Fitzsimons Lane, 11,600 off Rosanna Road and 13,300 off Manningham Road.

Not only will North East Link make a real difference to families across our suburbs, during the construction phase, the project is set to create more than 10,000 jobs.

Removing more level crossings

Every Victorian has experienced level crossing frustration, whether you’re in the car, on the train, on a bike or on foot.

And for far too many, they’re more than a frustration – they’re the scene of a serious injury or, tragically, the place where a loved one was lost forever.

It’s why the Victorian Government promised to remove 50 of our state’s most dangerous and congested level crossings by 2022, with 20 gone by 2018.

With 29 level crossings already gone for good, the Victorian Budget 2019/20 invests a further $6.6 billion to deliver on our promise to remove a total of 75 crossings by 2025, cutting congestion and making our communities safer.

The additional level crossing removal sites for Western Metropolitan are:

  • Fitzgerald Road, Ardeer
  • Mt Derrimut Road, Deer Park
  • Old Geelong Road, Hoppers Crossing
  • Robinsons Road, Deer Park

Making life easier for commuters

Right now, across our state our big transport build is causing disruption for lots of commuters.

And although these works will be worth it in the long-run, this year’s Budget makes sure we’re making life that little bit easier for commuters in the short term too. This includes:

  • $163 million to purchase 10 new E-Class trams and upgrade 10 Z-Class trams
  • $150 million to add more car parks, including at some of our busiest suburban train stations
  • $50.1 million to improve Victoria’s suburban and regional buses, connecting people to education and work, by filling gaps in the network
  • $1 million to develop the expansion of mobile myki to other platforms beyond Android
  • $350,000 for 32 free mobile phone charging bars, providing 160 charging ports, across eight inner city train stations – Flagstaff, Flinders Street, Melbourne Central, Parliament, Southern Cross, North Melbourne, Richmond and South Yarra

Upgrading suburban roads

This year’s Budget delivers on the promises we made to Victorians and delivers on a Suburban Transport Blitz, investing $608 million in our suburban roads.

An additional $229 million will see further maintenance across metropolitan Melbourne, improving travel times and boosting safety.

Then there are the smaller projects that are just as important to local communities. This year’s Budget delivers on the Victorian Government’s commitments to local communities in Western Melbourne, with:

  • planning to upgrade the Moonee Ponds Junction in Moonee Ponds

Better cycling tracks

Across our suburbs and our city, more people are cycling than ever before.

In order to keep up, and as part of our Suburban Transport Blitz, we're investing $45.4 million to upgrade and develop Victoria’s cycling and pedestrian paths. For Western Melbourne, this includes:

  • bike path upgrades at Woodland Street, Strathmore
  • improved pedestrian paths at the intersection of Bayview Terrace and Maribyrnong Road
  • uagrades to pedestrian paths at the intersection of Hoffmans Road and Rosehill Road

Our next big projects

The Victorian Government has been building big in public transport, connecting communities and getting Victorians home sooner.

Now, we’re turning to the next stage of big projects, investing $12.3 billion to ensure we have the public transport system our state needs, now and for the future, including:

  • Melbourne Airport Rail: a rail link from the CBD to Melbourne Airport via Sunshine, connecting our state’s regional and metro train lines – including the Metro Tunnel – to the Airport
  • The Suburban Rail Loop: a 90-kilometre rail line circling Melbourne’s suburbs with 12 new underground stations that connect every major rail line from the Werribee Line to the Frankston Line
  • The Western Rail Plan: planning for the full separation of regional and metro rail services on the Geelong and Ballarat lines and providing a better service for our growing western suburbs


More schools where they're needed

As part of the Victorian Budget 2019/20, we’re investing $862 million towards building 15 new schools, and upgrading 42 more across our suburbs. A further 32 schools will receive funding to begin planning the next stage of upgrades.

This year’s Budget also includes:

  • $402 million to build, expand and renovate our state’s non-government schools
  • $291 million for the Relocatable Buildings Program, School Pride and Sports Fund and Asbestos Safety Program to further improve our state’s schools
  • $3 million for upgrades to secondary campuses to provide appropriate and private spaces for the rollout of new mental health counselling services for students

New school construction in Western Metropolitan

  • Eynesbury Station Primary School
  • Rockbank North Primary School
  • Truganina South East Primary School
  • Wollahra Primary School

School upgrades in Western Metropolitan

  • Altona North Primary School
  • Altona P-9 College
  • Copperfield College
  • Exford Primary School
  • Footscray Learning Precinct
  • Rosehill Secondary College
  • Strathmore Secondary College
  • Sunshine College
  • The Grange P-12 College
  • Victoria University Secondary College
  • Warringa Park School

Planning for our next school upgrades in Western Metropolitan

  • Staughton College
  • Williamstown High School

Free tampons and pads in all government schools

In a national first, the Victorian Government is investing $20.7 million to provide free tampons and pads in all government schools, ensuring students can focus on their studies and helping ease the cost of living for families.

Investing in the early years

As part of the largest early childhood reform ever undertaken in our state’s history, the Government is investing $882 million, as part of our commitment to ensure every three-year-old has access to at least five hours per week of subsidised kinder by 2022 – increasing to 15 hours per week over the next decade.


Building world-class healthcare facilities

This year’s Budget invests $1.5 billion to rebuild and modernise suburban hospitals, including in Western Metropolitan, with:

  • an additional $1.4 billion for construction of the 504-bed Footscray Hospital, which will cut waiting times for local families and provide care for an extra 15,000 patients, taking the project total to $1.5 billion

And in order to meet the growing needs of our growing state, this year’s Budget ensures we’re planning for the next generation of suburban hospital expansions. This $20.8 million investment includes for Western Metropolitan:

  • a new Melton Hospital, with work to determine the location, size and range of services this growing community needs
  • the construction and expansion of 10 community hospitals across our state including Craigieburn, Cranbourne, Pakenham, Sunbury, Eltham, Point Cook, Whittlesea and Fishermans Bend, giving local families confidence that the very best care is just around the corner

Improving access to care

If you’re injured or unwell, you shouldn’t have to spend hours in the car travelling for care. It’s why this year’s Budget invests in ensuring more Victorians can access the healthcare they need, closer to home.

That includes an extra $2.3 billion to support the two million patients expected to be admitted to our hospitals over the next 12 months.

Healthy smiles for our kids

Students right across the state will have a brighter smile, thanks to our rollout of free dental care at all public primary and secondary schools. This year’s Budget begins that rollout, with an initial investment of $322 million – delivering on our promise to bring back dental vans.

Responding to an emergency

This year’s Budget builds on our commitment, with an extra $191 million to maintain response times and meet the growing demands on our ambulance service.

An additional $109 million will deliver 23 new vehicles, giving Victorians confidence that in an emergency, they will continue to get the fast, life-saving care they need.

This investment will also see an extra 90 new paramedics – building on the 1,000 new paramedics rolled out across the state over the past four years.

Transforming mental health

Right now, there are thousands upon thousands of Victorians struggling with their mental health.

And the truth is, we don’t have the best mental health system we could – or should – have.

It’s why we’re turning our approach on its head, establishing our nation’s first Royal Commission into Mental Health, which commenced in our first 100 days – as promised. Examining the quality and cost of care across our state, this Commission will transform our mental health system and change lives.

As the Commission continues this vital work, the Victorian Budget 2019/20 includes $173 million to make sure more Victorians are getting the help they need now, including:

  • $35.3 million for more intensive services at three prevention and recovery care facilities and additional community service hours for more than 7,000 clients
  • $23.3 million for an extra 28 mental health inpatient beds across our state for Victorians in acute need, including in Parkville and Fairfield
  • $8.5 million to provide treatment and support to Aboriginal Victorians with moderate to severe mental illness and other complex needs
  • $5.7 million for the Mental Health Complaints Commissioner and the Mental Health Tribunal, to continue to safeguard patients’ rights and recommend improvements to Victoria’s mental health system

Local jobs

The Victorian Government has made job creation our priority: introducing Free TAFE, investing in training and putting Victorian workers and Victorian jobs first.

These efforts meant that, over the past four years, more than a third of all new jobs in Australia have been created right here in Victoria.

The Victorian Budget 2019/20 builds on this work, ensuring even more Victorians have the dignity and security of a job.

The skills our state needs

Last year's Budget included a transformative $172 million to make priority TAFE and pre-apprenticeship courses free.

The Victorian Budget 2019/20 continues our momentum, with:

  • $28.5 million to make selected early childhood courses free at TAFE for eligible students, reducing financial barriers for students, encouraging enrolment and supporting the Government's rollout of universal three-year-old kinder
  • $8.8 million to expand Jobs Victoria, including the Jobs Victoria Employment Network, to help even more disadvantaged jobseekers find work with additional training and support

As part of the Building Better TAFEs Fund, a further $10.7 million will deliver upgrades to our suburban TAFEs.

Promoting innovation and investment

With a focus on supporting innovation and investment, the Victorian Government is strengthening our economy and supporting jobs across our city and our suburbs.

The Victorian Budget 2019/20 also invests $150 million to establish the Victorian Jobs and Investment Fund, encompassing three priorities:

  • a whole-of-government investment program to support new opportunities to strengthen our economy and grow Victorian jobs
  • continue to attract investors to our state, building on big names like David Jones and the Alibaba Group that moved to Victoria, with further funding to attract even more investors
  • encourage the innovation and investments that will support our economy’s transition to high-growth sectors, while creating the next generation of Victorian jobs

The Budget will also deliver an increase in the payroll tax-free threshold from $650,000 to $700,000 by 2022-23, reducing the number of businesses paying payroll tax by around 700 in 2021-22 and a further 700 in 2022-23.

Keeping our suburbs safe

Continuing our commitment

As we recruit and deploy an extra 3,135 new frontline police – many of them to our suburban streets – the Victorian Budget 2019/20 further invests in the technology and training needed to tackle crime, including:

  • $121 million to crackdown on dangerous driving, including providing new road safety technology
  • $4.7 million to ensure our police have access to drug crime intelligence to assist them to disrupt methamphetamine manufacture, supply and distribution in Victoria, helping to put a stop to the evil ice trade
  • $2.5 million to deliver counter-terrorism protective security training to Victoria Police and maintain vital vehicle security barriers, CCTV and a public address system in Melbourne's CBD
  • $1.4 million to continue Victoria Police's youth outreach in Werribee and Dandenong, where police officers and youth workers are paired to provide support and referral for vulnerable young people
  • $800,000 to conduct a broad review of current licensing and employment practices to better protect the private security industry against criminal activity

Keeping women and children safe

We know addressing family violence will take a long-term commitment. This Budget continues that effort investing $185 million, including:

  • $85 million to ensure perpetrators are held to account, including through behavioural change programs and intensive management of perpetrators with complex needs
  • $28.7 million for the Dhelk Dja Aboriginal 10-Year Family Violence Plan, including $9.9 million for three Orange Door access points for Aboriginal Victorians, ensuring culturally appropriate victim responses provided by Aboriginal family violence services
  • $23.9 million to better respond and meet the needs of victim survivors in emergency accommodation statewide
  • $20.9 million to make sure victim survivors of family violence and sexual assault have the support they need to rebuild their lives, including specialist support for Aboriginal Victorians

Recognising a growing need, this Budget also includes $3.1 million to continue the expansion of the family violence workforce.

Strengthening our communities

More open spaces for our growing communities

This year’s Budget invests $154 million to create more than 6,500 hectares of parkland with new walking and bike trails right across our suburbs, providing a place for local families to relax and switch off. This includes the following initiatives for Western Metropolitan:

  • new and upgraded parks equivalent to more than 3,000 MCGs across Melbourne's suburbs
  • 25 pocket parks in built-up areas providing more public space for these local communities
  • up to 16 new off-leash dog parks across our city and suburbs, giving Victorians and their four-legged friends a place to stretch their legs and enjoy the outdoors

In addition, the Government is investing to protect our waterways and improve water management including the following initiatives for Western Metropolitan:

  • $6 million to support integrated water management projects that allow smarter use of water in our city and suburbs
  • $5.1 million to extend protections for our waterways in Melbourne’s west and continue to improve management of the Yarra River

Advancing equality

We’ve made it clear: here in Victoria, equality is not negotiable.

The Victorian Government continues to support and celebrate our LGBTI communities, with the Victorian Budget 2019/20 delivering $6.3 million to:

  • address the higher than average rate of homelessness in Victoria’s LGBTI communities
  • extend counselling services and support for LGBTI Victorians and their families

The Budget will also provide $1.2 million to celebrate Victoria’s LGBTI communities, including the expansion of the Pride Festivals and Events Fund and planning for Melbourne Pride 2021, marking 40 years since Victoria’s Parliament decriminalised homosexuality.

Tackling problem gambling

Problem gambling is having a real impact on communities and families across our state. This Budget invests $153 million for the Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation to support at-risk Victorians including $3 million for targeted programs to support communities in a number of areas including in Darebin, Hume, Moreland, and Whittlesea.

Valuing our diversity

Here in Victoria, we are proud of our diversity. And building on last year’s investment of $43.6 million, this year’s Budget backs our multicultural and multifaith communities, including:

  • $27.1 million to upgrade facilities at seven multicultural aged care services, and to purchase land for two Indian aged care providers in our city’s west and south-east and a brand-new Chinese aged care facility in Melbourne, to help ensure culturally and linguistically diverse Victorians get the care they need later in life
  • $16 million to upgrade and improve facilities for local multicultural communities
  • $9 million to deliver grants to key multicultural organisations, including senior citizens, multicultural and multifaith groups and festivals
  • $7.5 million to further support our state’s community language schools, ensuring more young Victorians can learn their mother tongue and connect with their heritage

Sport and recreation

This year’s Budget builds on the Victorian Government’s record investments in sport, while delivering on our commitments to local communities with new and upgraded sporting facilities across our suburbs. This includes:

  • $116 million in grants for metropolitan and statewide community sport infrastructure, giving local athletes in our suburbs the facilities they deserve
  • $83 million to plan the redevelopment of the State Basketball Centre, including the Knox Arena and 10 new community courts for local basketball competitions
  • $13.5 million in grants to local cricket clubs across Melbourne, developing new community centres and upgrading local cricket facilities
  • $7.5 million to support and grow Victoria’s golf clubs with infrastructure and equipment upgrades
  • $7.4 million to upgrade community facilities, promote participation and encourage diversity in local motor sports
  • $5 million to develop the next generation of sporting stars, establishing seven high-performance basketball hubs, including new hubs in Werribee and Melbourne’s north-west
  • $1 million for design and planning work to progress the upgrade of Whitten Oval, ensuring this proud local institution can continue serving its community for years to come

Addressing homelessness

Every Victorian deserves a safe place to sleep at night.

It's the reason the Victorian Government has invested over $800 million to help fight homelessness over the past four years.

This year's Budget continues that commitment, investing $209 million to build 1,000 new public housing properties across our suburbs, including in Maribyrnong in Western Metropolitan.

The Budget also provides $50.4 million to continue much-needed assistance for Victorians experiencing homelessness. This includes:

  • Dedicated support for 2,000 people in homelessness after-hours crisis services
  • Onsite treatment services in three supported accommodation centres, helping more than 1,900 people every year
  • Assistance for more than 6,000 people as part of the Private Rental Assistance Program to prevent and end homelessness

Our Creative State

This year’s Budget continues our commitment to the industries and individuals who underpin Victoria’s success, with:

  • $47.7 million to support the National Gallery of Victoria including continuing the Summer Program and Triennial exhibitions
  • $14 million for creation of the Victoria Live festival, a 10-day winter music festival that showcases Victoria’s live music scene, food, wine and craft beer, while boosting local jobs
  • $4.5 million to renew exhibitions at Melbourne Museum, the Immigration Museum, Scienceworks and the production of new Planetarium shows
  • $3 million to establish an Indian Cinema and Bollywood Attraction Fund to attract film and television projects to Victoria and support our local film industry

The Budget also invests a further $7 million to redevelop the State Library Victoria, ensuring this icon can continue serving the next generation of Victorians.

Metropolitan partnerships

With more people calling Melbourne home, our suburbs are changing.

It means it’s more important than ever that local people get a say on local priorities.

Our six Metropolitan Partnerships bring together locals, businesses and councils to provide advice to our Government on the needs of their local communities.

Last year’s Budget delivered the Metropolitan Partnerships Development Fund to advance the priorities identified by each partnership.

The Victorian Budget 2019/20 builds on these efforts, providing billions of dollars to further progress work on the projects that matter to our suburbs, such as:

  • $15.8 billion for North East Link
  • $6.6 billion to remove another 25 of our state's most dangerous and congested level crossings, bringing our total commitment to 75 level crossings gone for good by 2025
  • $1.43 billion for a new hospital for Footscray
  • $681 million for the Melbourne Airport Rail
  • $209 million to build new homes to fight homelessness
  • $195 million for additional metropolitan and regional train services
  • $30.4 million for phase two of the treaty and self-determination process for Aboriginal Victorians
  • $3.5 million to revitalise Broadmeadows’ town centre and Frankston’s station precinct
  • $3 million for essential mental health facilities in schools
  • $2.3 million to deliver the first stage of a new Melton Hospital

Reviewed 29 May 2019

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