Valuing our diversity

Here in Victoria, we are proud of our diversity.

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And building on last year’s investment of $43.6 million, this year’s Budget backs our multicultural and multifaith communities, with:

Improving and expanding multicultural aged care facilities

$27.1 million to upgrade facilities at seven multicultural aged care services, and to purchase land for three multicultural aged care providers, to help ensure culturally and linguistically diverse Victorians get the care they need later in life.

Upgrading facilities for local multicultural communities

$16 million to upgrade and improve facilities for local multicultural communities.

Supporting key multicultural organisations

$9 million to deliver grants to key multicultural organisations, including senior citizens, multicultural and multifaith groups and festivals.

A boost for community language schools

$7.5 million to further support our state’s community language schools, ensuring more young Victorians can learn their mother tongue and connect with their heritage.

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Making Multicultural Victoria A Place Of Belonging

Reviewed 27 May 2019

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