Transforming mental health

Right now, there are thousands upon thousands of Victorians struggling with their mental health.

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And the truth is, we don’t have the best mental health system we could – or should – have.

As part of last year’s Budget, we provided a record $705 million investment to address mental illness and addiction.

But we know there is still so much more to do.

It’s why the Victorian Government has established our nation’s first Royal Commission into Mental Health, which commenced in our first 100 days – as promised.

Examining the quality and cost of care across our state, this Commission will transform our mental health system and change lives.

As the Commission continues this vital work, the Victorian Budget 2019/20 includes $173 million to make sure more Victorians are getting the help they need now, including:

More services at prevention and recovery care facilities

$35.3 million for more services at three prevention and recovery care facilities and additional community service hours for more than 7,000 clients.

Extra mental health inpatient beds

$23.3 million for an extra 28 mental health inpatient beds across our state for Victorians in acute need.

New Hope Restart facility

$10.2 million for the new Hope Restart facility in Gippsland, providing 30 extra residential rehabilitation beds to support up to 90 Victorians recovering from addiction every year.

Services for Aboriginal Victorians

$8.5 million to provide treatment and support to Aboriginal Victorians with moderate to severe mental illness and other complex needs.

Safeguarding patients’ rights

$5.7 million for the Mental Health Complaints Commissioner and the Mental Health Tribunal, to continue to safeguard patients’ rights and recommend improvements to Victoria’s mental health system.

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Boost For Mental Health As The Royal Commission Does Its Work

Reviewed 27 May 2019

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