Support for every student

A child’s potential should not be limited by their background or parents’ bank balance.

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This Budget invests $86.2 million to help make sure our students can get the most out of their education, including:

School Breakfast Clubs

$58 million to expand our School Breakfast Clubs and make sure more Victorian kids are learning on a full stomach. Building on the existing program, which provides free breakfasts in 500 schools across our state, this investment will see free breakfasts and lunches for eligible students, served up to students at 1,000 primary and secondary schools every school day.

Assisting families facing financial hardship

$5 million to assist families facing financial hardship with school uniforms, textbooks and other essential items for their kids, through State Schools Relief.

Active Kids program

$1.2 million for the Active Kids program to ensure disadvantaged schools and their students have the opportunity to participate in interschool sport and other activities.

Music in Schools program

$1 million for the Music in Schools program, which includes grants to schools to purchase instruments and equipment, helping our kids to discover and develop their musical talent.

Free tampons and pads

And in a national first, the Victorian Government is investing $20.7 million to provide free tampons and pads in all government schools, ensuring students can focus on their studies and helping to ease the cost of living for families.

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Keeping Our Promises And Building The Education State

Reviewed 27 May 2019

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