Suburban Transport Blitz

From upgrading the roundabout at the end of your local street to building our state’s biggest transport projects, this Budget will get you where you need to go.

Level crossing removal workers on train tracks

Over the last four years, we’ve been rebuilding our suburban road and rail.

We’ve removed 29 level crossings. Completed the Mernda Rail extension. Overhauled the Cranbourne-Pakenham Line.

And upgraded the Monash and Tullamarine freeways, alongside fixing hundreds of kilometres of suburban streets.

But as our suburbs grow, we know this pace must become our new normal.

It’s why, with this year’s Budget, we’re undertaking a massive Suburban Transport Blitz.

The Suburban Transport Blitz will radically reshape our suburbs, fundamentally changing the way people get around. This includes:

$15.8 billion to fully fund and make North East Link a reality.

Removing more level crossings

$6.6 billion to remove another 25 of our most dangerous and congested level crossings, with 75 crossings gone for good by 2025.

Transforming the suburban train network

$3.4 billion to transform the suburban train network, delivering a massive upgrade to the Sunbury Line, duplicating the Cranbourne Line and Stage Two of the Hurstbridge Line.

Upgraded trams

$163 million for new and upgraded trams.

Making life easier for commuters

$50.1 million to improve our state’s bus network, making getting around our suburbs easier.

Extra train services

In addition, $195 million will be provided for extra train services across Victoria, including increases to some of our busiest metropolitan train lines.

Upgrading our suburban roads

This year’s Budget also includes $608 million to upgrade the local suburban roads that drivers use every day.

The includes $22.6 million to fix some of our busiest and most congested local intersections, helping locals get home sooner.

And as we continue the biggest rebuild of our suburban roads, we’re also looking to the future – beginning planning on the next major road upgrades across our suburbs.

New bike and pedestrian paths

And because the smallest projects can often make a big difference, we’re investing in new bike and pedestrian paths across our suburbs with a $45.4 million investment.

This huge work program will transform the way we get around our suburbs.

This will get you where you need to go.

The Suburban Transport Blitz will radically reshape our suburbs, fundamentally changing the way people get around.

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Suburban Transport Blitz To Get People Where They Need To Go

Reviewed 27 May 2019

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