The skills our state needs

As we continue to invest in road and rail, education and health, skilled workers are in demand.

Lilydale TAFE

Our Big Build needs apprentices. Our hospitals need nurses. Our kinders need educators.

And across our state, our investments are driving the creation of thousands of new jobs.

Through our historic investments in Victoria's skill sector, we're making sure that our kids are first in line for these good new jobs.

Last year’s Budget included a transformative $172 million to make priority TAFE and pre-apprenticeship courses free.

These are courses focused on the skills our state needs – building infrastructure projects and caring for our communities.

The Victorian Budget 2019/20 continues our efforts, with:

Building Better TAFEs Fund

$57 million to ensure our state’s TAFEs are better than they have ever been, with upgraded and redeveloped facilities across Victoria, delivered through the Building Better TAFEs Fund.

Early childhood courses in Free TAFE

$28.5 million to include selected early childhood courses on the Free TAFE list, reducing financial barriers for students, encouraging enrolment and supporting our rollout of universal three-year-old kinder.

JobsBank and the Jobs Victoria Employment Network

$8.8 million to expand JobsBank and the Jobs Victoria Employment Network, to help even more long-term and disadvantaged jobseekers find work with additional support.

Certificate III in Shearing at more TAFEs

$7.2 million to meet the demand for qualified shearers and upgrade agricultural colleges at Longerenong, Dookie and Glenormiston.

A suite of higher apprenticeships

$5.6 million to develop a new style of higher apprenticeships, giving students – including those studying social services – the opportunity to study and learn on the job, just like the other more traditional apprenticeships.

Strengthening workplace safety

And because everyone should make it home safe from work, this Budget includes a further $16.6 million to strengthen workplace safety across our state – ensuring the safety of workers is given the priority it deserves.

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Making TAFE Better Than Ever For All Victorians

Reviewed 16 October 2019

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