Responding to an emergency

When we came to government, we promised to end the war on our paramedics.

Paramedics working in an office on laptops

And that’s exactly what we did – investing in more paramedics, more stations and more ambulances.

Because we know: in an emergency, seconds are worth hours – and minutes are worth a lifetime.

It's why ambulance response times matter so much.

Improving response times

And why under our watch, over the past 12 months, we’ve achieved the fastest Code 1 emergency ambulance response times in nine years. This year’s Budget builds on our commitment, with an extra $191 million to further improve response times and meet the growing demands on our ambulance service.

New ambulances

An additional $109 million will deliver 23 ambulances, giving Victorians confidence that in an emergency, they will continue to get the fast, life-saving care they need.

New paramedics

This investment will also see an extra 90 new paramedics  – building on the 1,000 new paramedics rolled out across the state over the past four years.

New stations

Local communities will also benefit, with new stations in Clyde North and East Bentleigh, improvements at our Ocean Grove and Gisborne branches, and upgrades to transform 15 single-officer branches to dual-officer crews.

Emergency communication upgrades

This Budget also invests $70.6 million to upgrade the emergency services radio, transitioning Ambulance Victoria from an outdated analogue system to digital communication and enabling our paramedics to respond to emergencies around the state.

Reviewed 24 May 2019

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