Health and wellbeing

The Victorian Government believes every Victorian should be able to rely on quality care, close to home.

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This year’s Budget invests in improving health and wellbeing with a range of services and supports, including:

Improving patient care

$64.4 million to improve nurse to patient ratios and deliver an extra 542 nurses and midwives across our state, ensuring Victorian patients – including new mums – are getting the care they deserve.

Free sanitary essentials in government schools

$20.7 million to make tampons and pads free and available in all government schools.

A 24-hour maternal and child phone line

$7.2 million to implement a dedicated maternal and child 24‑hour phone line with specialists in sleep and settling issues.

Investing in reproductive health

$6 million towards reproductive health including through:

  • planning for public IVF services that will, once established, provide bulk‑billed and subsidised treatments for up to 4,000 Victorians a year
  • continued funding for the Victorian Assisted Reproductive Treatment Authority, which provides critical support for families accessing assisted reproductive services

Supporting the Country Women's Association

$500,000 to support the Country Women’s Association with its ongoing advocacy on the health and wellbeing of women living in our rural communities.

Reviewed 23 May 2019

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