Getting you home safe

Every Victorian should make it home safe to the people they love.

Large road roundabout intersection

It’s why in addition to our unprecedented investments in road upgrades, this year’s Budget also commits $802 million to help achieve a future free of deaths and serious injuries on Victorian roads. This includes:

Towards Zero 2016-2020 Road Safety Strategy

$121 million to the Towards Zero 2016-2020 Road Safety Strategy to continue our efforts to reduce our state’s road toll.

Fixing and maintaining our roads

$654 million to fix and maintain roads across our state, improving travel times and getting Victorians home safe.

Upgrading Intelligent Transport Systems

$4 million for increased surveillance on key arterial roads across Melbourne, implementing the Victorian Government’s Safer Sites, Safer Speeds policy, and ensuring speed limits around construction zones are lifted for drivers as soon as it’s safe to do so.

Reviewed 24 May 2019

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