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As we recruit and deploy an extra 3,135 new frontline police, the Victorian Budget 2019/20 further invests in the technology and training needed to tackle crime.

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This includes:

Cracking down on dangerous driving

$121 million to crackdown on dangerous driving, including planning for new road safety technology.

Boosting drug crime intelligence

$4.7 million to ensure our police have access to drug crime intelligence to assist them to disrupt methamphetamine manufacture, supply and distribution in Victoria, helping to put a stop to the evil ice trade.

Enhancing security training and infrastructure

$2.5 million for Counter Terrorism and Protective Security training and infrastructure, including maintaining vital vehicle security barriers, CCTV and the public address system in Melbourne's CBD.

Supporting for vulnerable young people

$1.4 million to continue Victoria Police’s youth outreach in Werribee and Dandenong, where police officers and youth workers are paired to provide support and referral for vulnerable young people.

Reviewing the private security industry

$800,000 to conduct a broad review of current licensing and employment practices to better protect the private security industry against criminal activity.

Alongside our investment in police, we’re working to recognise and respond to the root causes of crime, while building a justice system that effectively holds offenders to account and supports the needs of victims.

In addition to these changes – which have delivered stronger sentencing and tightened the bail and parole system – the Victorian Budget 2019/20 includes:

Victoria's prison system

$1.8 billion for the prison system, including 1,600 new beds and improved infrastructure in Victorian prisons.

Court improvements across Victoria

$235 million for court improvements across Victoria, including the redevelopment of Bendigo’s law courts.

Reducing the rate of re-offending

$20 million to rehabilitate and reduce the rate of reoffending for women in prison, including support for those with mental illness, intellectual disability or complex needs.

$28.8 million to stop reoffending and keep communities safe with programs targeting young people at risk.

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Reviewed 27 May 2019

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