Allocations of the Municipal and Industrial Landfill Levy

The Municipal and Industrial Landfill Levy (the Levy) plays an important role in minimising the environmental impacts of waste and in promoting investment in alternatives to landfills.

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Established in 1992, the Levy encourages recycling by putting a price on every tonne of waste that goes to landfill

The proceeds from the levy are used first to fund core activities of environmental agencies, with the remaining balance going to the Sustainability Fund in order to advance:

  • Environmentally sustainable uses of resources and best practices in waste management
  • Community action or innovation to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, or address climate change in Victoria.

The Victorian Budget 2019/20 further demonstrates the Victorian Government's commitment to investing the proceeds from the Levy in line with these objectives. 

Budget initiatives funded from the levy 5 year expenditure
($ million)
Solar Homes program 11.6
Relieving charities from rubbish dumping costs 0.8
Strengthening the Environment Protection Authority 15.0
Recycling industry response interim measures 34.9
ResourceSmart Schools 2.8
Volunteers protecting the coast 3.0
Lara waste stockpile site rehabilitation 30.0
Combatting illegal stockpiling and mismanagement of hazardous waste 3.7
Implementation of the Climate Change Act 2.0
Total 103.8

Reviewed 24 May 2019

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