Addressing bullying in our schools

Our kids can’t be their best if they don’t feel happy, supported and included at school.

Primary school students at school

That’s why the Victorian Government is ensuring our schools have the tools and resources they need to tackle bullying – improving the wellbeing of students and helping them achieve their best in the classroom.

This year’s Budget includes $5.8 million to stamp out bullying in our schools, including funding for:

Bully Stoppers program

The Bully Stoppers program, which addresses bullying and harassment in all its forms across our schools, including cyberbullying, racism and harassment of students with disability.

Safe Schools program

The Safe Schools program, to ensure our schools are safe places for everyone, including LGBTI students.

I CAN Network

The I CAN Network, which provides mentoring for students with autism, promoting self-acceptance and belonging.

Reviewed 22 May 2019

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