Achieving gender equality

In four years, we’ve taken significant steps towards achieving gender equality.

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In addition to establishing our state’s first Gender Equality Strategy, we have also ensured Respectful Relationships education is being taught in schools across our state.

Closing the gender pay gap

Women’s participation in the workforce is up, and since 2013, the gender pay gap in the Victorian public service has almost halved.

Supporting women in local government

We have supported more women into local government through the Victorian Local Governance Association’s Local Women Leading Change campaign and continued the Joan Kirner Young and Emerging Women Leaders Program, with 27 women entering the program’s second year.

Investing in women's sport

We’ve made record investments in women’s sport, ensuring women have the facilities and opportunities they deserve.

Supporting women's health and wellbeing

And we’ve also delivered real investments in women’s health and wellbeing, which has included putting a focus on women’s and LGBTI Victorians' mental health, as well as ensuring increased access to sexual and reproductive health.

This year’s Budget builds on that momentum. That includes support to ensure women get the care they need while having a baby, and a boost to support for mothers with a dedicated 24‑hour help line for sleep and settling issues.

We have also made the essential step of providing free tampons and pads in all government schools to ensure our young women always have access to these necessary items.

Implementing recommendations from the Royal Commission into Family Violence

When we came to government, we promised to undertake our nation’s first Royal Commission into Family Violence.

Four years on, we have implemented more than half of the Commission’s recommendations, investing more than $2.7 billion over the past four years to keep women and children safe.

Backing women's leadership

The Victorian Government is also backing women’s leadership, with a commitment that at least half of all new appointments to courts and government boards must be women.

As a result, women’s membership on paid government boards has increased from 40% in March 2015 to 54% in April 2019.

Women’s representation as executives in the public sector has increased from 37.4% in June 2014 to 45% in June 2018.

And – for the first time in Victoria’s history – half the members of the Victorian Cabinet are women and 48% of Government members are women.

At the same time, we know there’s a long way to go.

It’s why this year’s Budget continues our work, investing in the services and supports we need to address gender inequality.

Reviewed 24 May 2019

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